Looking For The Best Scale For Coffee Pour Over?

Here’s a look at our favorites, including our top pick – the Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale.

#1 Best Scale For Coffee Pour Over


If you’re searching for the perfect pour-over coffee, you should consider adding a kitchen scale to your arsenal of supplies. Kitchen scales are great to use in preparing just about any meal (think perfectly-portioned recipes), and they’re indispensable when it comes to consistently making professional-quality pour-over coffee. When paired with a quality burr grinder you’ll be making your best hot coffee in no time flat.


What to look for in a scale for coffee pour over

Using a kitchen scale should never complicate the situation, whether you’re pouring coffee or measuring ingredients for dinner. A good scale, coffee filter, and grinder will make the preparation process simpler by clearly providing accurate weights and quickly converting measurements. As a bonus, a specialty coffee scale may even include a timer to help you optimize the blooming and pouring of your coffee.

As you’re doing your research and considering your options, here are a few tips on what to look for in a scale for pour over coffee:

  • Measurement conversion –your scale should offer weights in pounds, ounces, grams, and milliliters, and easily convert between the measurements.
  • Tare weight – when you’re measuring smaller ingredients or liquids, a tare weight function makes it easier by zeroing the base weight for the scale to the weight of the dish that you’re using. Rather than weighing each dish and ingredient separately, this lets you weigh the dish once, save the weight, and then isolate the weight of your ingredients going forward. This is useful in general meal preparation, but it’s essential in pour over coffee preparation as you’re obviously going to be using a pitcher, carafe, or coffee pot.
  • Power – kitchen scales don’t require a whole lot of power, so most options run on battery power. It’s important to keep fresh batteries in the scale as a low battery may result in inaccurate measurements, so a good scale should include a battery power indicator and an auto-off feature to preserve your batteries.


Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale

Best Etekcity scale for coffee pour over

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If you’re looking for a kitchen scale that’s highly rated and widely recommended, you can’t beat the Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale. On the outside, the stainless-steel finish is elegant and easy to clean, the LCD display is crystal clear, and the slim design makes it easy to store the scale in a drawer or cabinet while still leaving plenty of room for your other kitchen utensils.

On the inside, you can count on the scale’s 4 precision sensors for precise measurements. The Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale measures in pounds, ounces, grams, and milliliters, and it’s easy to convert measurements. The device also offers a tare function that lets you weigh smaller ingredients and liquids without having to weigh the container itself. There’s an auto-off feature to preserve power, so you won’t have to worry about wasting any batteries.


  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Violet-backlit LCD display
  • Slim design
  • 4 Precision measurement sensors
  • Measures in pounds, ounces, grams, and milliliters
  • Simple 2-button operation
  • Batteries included


AccuWeight Digital Kitchen Scale

Best AccuWeight scale for coffee pour over

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The AccuWeight Digital Kitchen Scale is another fantastic option that is highly rated and widely recommended. It features an elegant reflective black surface that’s made with high quality tempered glass, which is three-times stronger than normal glass.

The scale employs four precision sensors for accurate weights in pounds, ounces, grams, and milliliters, and it includes an overload protection feature to avoid damaging the sensors. There’s also a convenient tare function so you don’t have to weigh your smaller ingredients and liquids separately from their containers.


  • Quick unit conversion
  • Quad-precision sensors
  • Tare function
  • Small footprint
  • Batteries included
  • Measures in pounds, ounces, grams, and milliliters
  • Red backlit LCD display
  • 3 Year warranty


Hario V60 Drip Scale and Timer

Best Hario scale for coffee pour over

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If you’re looking for a kitchen scale that’s specially designed for measuring pour-over coffee, take a look at the Hario V60. The scale accurately measures in 0.1-gram increments for optimal precision, and it includes a drip timer to deliver better bloom times and perfect pours every time.

There’s an auto-off feature that shuts off the scale after five minutes of inactivity (not while you’re pouring, of course), and a tare function that helps you to easily eliminate the weight of your pour-over coffee container. It also looks pretty slick, so it’s a great aesthetic addition to your kitchen.


  • 6 Measurement and timing modes
  • Measures in 0.1-gram increments
  • Tare function
  • Drip timer
  • Batteries included


HuiSmart Digital Coffee Scale

Best HuiSmart scale for coffee pour over

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The HuiSmart Digital Coffee Scale is another great specialty coffee scale with timer and tare functionality. It’s a solid all-purpose kitchen scale, too, so you’ll find plenty of use for it beyond just measuring your coffee. The scale offers two modes—timer and weight—and it’s simple to use with four control buttons, an LCD display, and automatic taring.

There’s an auto-off feature to prevent battery drainage, and it clearly displays the battery length on the LCD display so you always know when a battery-swap is coming up. The scale has an overload indicator to protect the longevity of the sensors, though overloading shouldn’t be a problem with the large-capacity 6.6-pound weight limit.


  • High-accuracy readings
  • Blue-backlit LCD display
  • Measures in pounds, ounces, grams, and milliliters
  • Weight and timer modes
  • Automatic taring
  • Large capacity with 6.6 lb. capability


Brewista Smart Scale II (BSSRB2)

Best Brewista scale for coffee pour over

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The Brewista Smart Scale II was developed with the barista in mind, with 6 easy-to-use modes that are expertly tailored for pour-over brewing and espresso. Each mode automatically tares and times, so it’s incredibly easy to use.

The scale utilizes a rechargeable battery, so there are no unsightly cords and or disposable batteries. The surface of the scale is covered with a silicone protective pad that helps protect the surface from scratches and spills and can conveniently be used as a weighing tray. With a 2,000-gram capacity it can handle even the largest coffee containers, and the 0.1-gram accuracy keeps the measurements precise.


  • 6 Modes with automatic tare and timer
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Silicone protective pad and weighing tray
  • Backlit LCD display
  • 2,0000-gram capacity with 0.1-gram accuracy



If you’re looking for an all-purpose kitchen scale that you can use for pour-over coffee and any type of meal preparation, I’d recommend going with the Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale or the AccuWeight Digital Kitchen Scale. And If you still need a quality coffee maker then consider a home espresso machine to go with your scale.

Both models offer a heck of a value, and the reviews are stellar. If you’d like to purchase a scale that’s specially designed for pour over coffee, go with the Hario V60 Drip Scale and Timer. The reviews are fantastic, the price offers a solid value, and the six modes make it amazingly simple to make perfect pour over coffee every time.